Anxiety Help Tips

Anxiety is difficult, you don't just "snap out of it" or "will" your way through it. You need to actively fight against your anxiety. Here are some tips to get started. Please note: These tips are not intended to be a cure for anxiety or a substitution for therapy or medication. Furthermore, if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or have an emergency, then call 911.

1. Exercise:
Become physically active, just taking a walk can help.

2. Get Active:
Engage in a fun activity, maybe something you used to enjoy.

Stop Isolating:
Participate in social or religious activities.

Talk About It:
pend time with other people that you can talk to.

Slow Down:
An overwhelming and stressful life exacerbates anxiety.

Find Hope:
Set goals for yourself and plan events and activities to look forward to.

Change Your Stinking Thinking:
Try to change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Take deep breathes, listen to music, take a bath, find what works for you.

Time Management:
Create a manageable schedule for yourself and prioritize what's important.

Healthy Habits and Diet:
Along with self-care, you need to eat and sleep right. Eat healthy food at least three times a day and sleep eight hours. Go to bed and wake up at regular times each day.

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