Relationship Therapy Program

Relationships can be difficult but we can help. The first thing to realize is that the purpose of therapy isn't necessarily to "fix" the relationship. Therapy helps to understand whether the relationship is healthy and worth working on or not. If both parties feel it can be worked on, then therapy may involve couples therapy, individual therapy for both, or a combination of the two.

If you decide to end the relationship, then therapy can help you through this as well.

With a Relationship Therapy Program you will:

  • Better understand the healthy and unhealthy aspects of your relationship(s)
  • Recognize whether you want to work on your relationship or not
  • Learn ways to communicate better in your relationship(s)
  • Learn tools to improve your relationship(s)
  • Gain awareness of your own individual issues that contribute to present and future relationships
  • Develop coping skills for staying in or ending your relationship

Will You Save My Relationship?

As with most things in life, there are no guarantees, and this too applies to therapy since everyone is different and there are many factors that affect the outcome of therapy.

We've certainly had a lot of success in helping people to improve their relationships. But as mentioned above, we've also helped people to realize that their relationship may be unhealthy, that they are too unhappy in the relationship, or that there's been too much damage done in the relationship to salvage it.

Whatever your decision is regarding your relatioship, we are here to help.

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